Conference Presentations

Where publications are available online, the title will be underlined and will link you to the full version for which you may need a subscription 1. For copies of publications not available online, please contact the BDA Information Center.

The 1st Annual Indiana Conference, Indiana University School of Dentistry

“Early detection of dental caries”
May 1996

British Society for Dental Research

“The effect of ion size and temperature on electrochemical impedance measurements on human enamel” April 1995.

41st ORCA Conference (Cork, Ireland)

“Associations between electrical resistance measurements and clinical diagnostic criteria from primary root caries lesions” July 1994.

British Society for Dental Research

“Evaluation of dentine permeability by scanning electrochemical microscopy and atomic force microscopy” April 1994.

European Society of Endodontics

“Evaluation of Conductivity Pathways that Affect Electrical Determination of Root Canal Working Length” November 1993.

British Society for Dental Research

“Root Canal Measurement by Varied Frequency of Applied Electrical Signal” March 1993. (I was also invited to chair one of the discussion sessions at this conference.)

Physiological Society, London

“Regional variations in electrical properties of human femoral head cartilage characterised with ac impedance in vitro” December 1992.

Gordon Research Conference, Rhode Island

“AC impedance as a tool to characterise ion motion in human dental enamel” July 1992.

International Association for Dental Research, International Conference on Oral Biology, Edinburgh

International Association for Dental Research, International Conference on Oral Biology, Edinburgh
“Scientific basis for electrical diagnosis of carious lesions affecting pits and fissures” June 1992.

Physiological Society, London

“Study comparing the impedance characteristics AC Impedance spectroscopy of isolated normal and proteoglycan depleted bovine cartilage” December 1991.

British Society for Dental Research

“Evaluation of ion transport in human deciduous enamel using electrochemical impedance” April 1991.

British Society for Dental Research

“Electrochemical impedance characterization of human permanent and deciduous enamel” April 1990.

Gordon Research Conference on Calcium Phosphates

“Electrochemical impedance characterization of human teeth” July 1989.

British Society for Dental Research, Annual meeting (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

“Electrochemical impedance characterization of human dental enamel and dentine” April 1988.

British Dental Association Annual Meeting, (Glasgow)

“A comparison of clinical techniques for aiding the diagnosis of dental caries” July 1987.

International Association of Dentistry for Children Annual meeting, Toronto (Canada)

“Why are electronic caries meters unreliable?” June 1987.

British Society for Dental Research

“A scanning electron microscopy study of liquid and gel etching on the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth” March 1987.

Old Londoners’ Dental Meeting, Video and poster demonstrations

“Acid etching prior to fissure sealing – Gel or Liquid ?” February 1987.

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