Before: Fractured upper left deciduous central incisor

Fractured Upper Incisor

These are fairly common injuries sustained by children. Repairing these involves ensuring that the nerves in the tooth are managed appropriately as well as making the tooth look as good as new. The technique for bonding tooth coloured plastic to teeth is well established and is called the ‘acid etch technique’. It involves making the enamel microscopically rough and placing a layer of runny plastic that bonds to the roughened enamel chemically and mechanically. The tooth coloured plastic is then placed on the layer of plastic that has been bonded to the enamel.

After: the repaired upper left deciduous central incisor

Before: Extensive decay affecting front and back teeth


Rampant tooth decay

A small proportion of children get extensive tooth decay affecting many teeth. This is a condition also called Rampant Tooth Decay. The cause is multifactorial and involves; dietary lifestyle factors, tooth decay promoting bacteria which break down dietary sugars into acid which in turn remove calcium and phosphate from teeth. The saliva flow rate, viscosity and content also contribute as well as the presence of Fluoride.

After: Front teeth have been restored aesthetically