Treatment: Price:
New patient consultation £250.00
Recall examination £220.00
Laser Frenectomy From £460.00
Radiographs From £ 30.00
One surface white filling From £180.00
Two or more surface white filling From £300.00
Root canal treatment of baby molar tooth From £150.00
Stainless steel crowns £350.00
White faced stainless steel crowns £380.00
Anterior white crown £300.00
Fissure sealant per tooth £75.00
Single extraction of primary tooth £190.00

If treatment is carried out under sedation, there will be a charge for the sedation and if multiple restorations, extractions and sealants carried out, a discount is applied per visit. A quotation for the costs for these visits will be provided at the initial consultation visit.

General Anaesthetic

Treatment under general anaesthetic is carried out at either the Cromwell Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic or at the Portland Hospital. In most cases this will be on a day-stay basis and your child will return home on the day of the procedure. The hospital costs are dependent upon which hospital your child will be admitted. The anaesthetist fees depend on the length of the treatment. Both these fees are charged in addition to the cost of dental treatment, Following a consultation visit, you will be provided with quotations for cost of the dental treatment, anaesthetist fees and the hospital fees.

If  treatment is carried out under quadrant dentistry, a discount is applied per visit. Quadrant dentistry prices depend on the number of fillings, crowns, extractions and sealants. The price ranges from £450 – £650 depending on the treatment necessary. You will be able to obtain a quote from reception in such circumstances.